Bring Your Data Into The Vault

We protect your assets with hardened security implemented at every layer, from hardware to application. Military-grade encryption is applied to all your data and communications by default and the speed of our threat detection is unparalleled: less than 24 hrs, not the industry standard of 7 months. If an unplanned event should occur, countermeasures trap the attacker and mitigate damage while our counter intelligence team responds immediately.   

Assure input validation of web applications. Segment your network. Implement least privilege (zero trust) access model.
— Phil Swiderski, Manager of Security Infrastructure, Enterprise Holdings

The World’s Most Secure Managed Cloud - Choose Your Level

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Iron Vault

Start with Data Protection

Keep your most valuable assets in the Iron vault.  This on-line safe room has only one way in and one way out for your data, and that gateway is subject to the most stringent cyber security in the world. Access it easily yourself as a file share appearing on your own network, or via VPN; rest easy in the knowledge that it's next to impossible for the wrong people to access it.

The Iron Vault provides flexible encrypted data storage and air-tight security in one easy extension to your existing network.

Steel Vault

Steel Vault

Hosted secure Servers and clean room

Apply the security of the Iron Vault to your computing needs by keeping your servers and data in the same location, so your most sensitive data never needs to cross the network.  The Steel Vault accommodates virtual servers and live databases, providing a "clean room" you can use for isolated testing, research and development or disaster recovery.

The Steel Vault also includes advanced protection from Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks, so your critical services remain available even if they're subjected to this popular form of cyber threat. Finally, endpoint security integration ensures that every device with access to your network is subject to a stringent security policy, eliminating any vulnerable points of entry.

Titanium Vault

high touch testing and consultation

The Titanium Vault combines the most secure managed cloud technology in the world with the most sophisticated counter cyber intelligence team available to the private sector today. Our agents become your ongoing trusted advisors, monitoring your organization's risk posture and performing penetration tests on a proactive basis. We address organizational concerns and human behavior, such as employees joining and leaving the business, and conduct regular meetings with critical stakeholders like the board of directors and legal advisory team. We ensure your cyber risk roadmap is always in place, and protect your brand with best human and technical resources there are.