Cyberattacks cost the healthcare industry nearly $6 billion every year, with no end in sight. More than 30 percent of all reported data breaches in the past year originated in the healthcare industry, exposing  millions of individuals' records in the process.  Download our free ebook to learn the prescription to cure what ails your cybersecurity woes.

US Cyber Vault eBook - The Prescription to Cure Cyberattacks in Healthcare IT

This eBook will take you through the state of healthcare cybersecurity and suggest a course of action and safeguards for your healthcare data. When an individual falls ill, she's told to go see a doctor. It's time the healthcare industry took a dose of its own medicine.

This eBook will:

  • Examine the state of healthcare cybersecurity
  • Identify new healthcare IT trends with the potential to help or harm the industry
  • Highlight four dangerous healthcare cybersecurity threats for which to account
  • Prescribe the course of treatment necessary to safeguard patient data

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