Secure Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) BC/DR

Protect Your Data by detecting, recovering and surviving in our disaster recovery data centers.  Safe harbor from natural disaster or roll back to a clean replication point after a cyber attack.

It’s clear why enterprises want to move to disaster recovery as a service in the cloud. It is a huge cost and resource savings, in comparison to putting together a DR hot site and other necessary business continuity systems. In addition, it replaces upfront investments with ongoing monthly bills and ensures higher performance and reliability by the disaster recovery service provider.

Secure Disaster Recovery Cloud
By leveraging our secure disaster recovery cloud infrastructure, you can scale your resources up and down dynamically, according to your immediate business need. This means no duplicate hardware and no significant upfront CAPEX costs.

Disaster Recovery Data Center

Achieve continuous availability to withstand any IT infrastructure outage, disaster or technology change and confidently move your business forward

Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Site
50% of businesses with a disaster and data loss never recover and shutter their doors.
Ponemon Institute estimates the cost of downtime to be $7900 per minute.

How Our Disaster Recovery Services Are Delivered
RTO: 2 hours
RPO: Continuous data protection
Disaster recovery testing: annual, bi-annual or quarterly
Uses cases: Large database, data analytics, BI, ERP, and other business critical applications

Safer Environment, Easier Process
Hypervisor level replication
Physical and virtual server replication
Application level replication
Combined backup and replication

Cyber Disaster Recovery

Find the most recent clean secure disaster recovery cloud replication of your production systems and get back to business after a cyber incident.  Prevent data loss by recovering from ransomware or malware infections.  Extend your backup retention or replication data points to give you a longer runway to recover from dwelling threats.

Replication – We take a baseline scan of your infrastructure after the initial replication.  Once clean, we continuously replicate your production servers to our secure infrastructure.
Detection – Proven security tools are run against your replication data stream looking for threats by our security experts. 
Recovery – If we find a threat in the data you are replicating to us, we notify you and mark the last known clean replication data point.  If you find a threat in your production environment, you let us know and we compare to our logging.  In either case, we then start the recovery process from the last known clean data replication point.

Protect your business from natural and cyber disaster.  Recover and survive.