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Security Operations Center (SOC)

You and your team are busy with all the mission critical tasks that are what it is to run IT. Add to that ransomware, cryptolocker, worms, phishing attacks, your employees simply using bad password or even worse sharing them. A million entry points into your systems. Let our team monitor and analyze for you with our ex-military and three letter acronym team of threat agents.

Security Operations Team
The #1 cybersecurity problem is a growing shortage of security professionals.
— The #1 cybersecurity problem is a growing shortage of security professionals.

US Cyber Vault - 4 Levels of Managed Security Services

Monitor, analyze, investigate and defeat cyber threats

  1. 24/7 soc

  2. security analyst

  3. cyber intelligence

  4. incident response (IRT)

Cyber Defense Dollars and Sense

Current news and reports point to the vast shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the world today. To help you see how you can both enhance your cyber defense efforts while controlling your costs - we've put together a grid to show you what a monthly SOC as a service cost compares to hiring full time employees (that may not even be available) or at the level needed to truly thwart attacks.

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4 Levels of Managed Security Services  - What You Get

Extend your team with SOC, analyst, intel, or incident response as a service. By having the best good guys on your side, threats are found faster and bad guys are stopped in their tracks and held accountable for their actions.  We work hand-in-hand with state and federal agencies to prosecute attackers in the US  and extradite those outside our borders.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Monitor. Get your own global Security Operations Center security engineers, manager and tools, delivered cost effectively as a service, from the SOC company, US Cyber Vault.  Extend your existing SOC engineers and analysts with US Cyber Vault security operations center software, runbooks and dashboards. No need to buy software or hire staff.  Get your own next generation security operations today. Each client gets their own Security Incident and Management (SIEM) to aggregate logs and view alerts.  Each SOC as a service includes 30 nodes and 125 Events Per Second (EPS). An additional node is $.62 each per month.  Additional 10 EPS is $47 per month.

Security Analyst

Analyze.  Add a security analyst without the payroll salary or headache.  Actively identify security operations center (SOC) alerts to get ahead of attacks.  Extend your existing IT security analyst team and scale resources quickly and easily to analyze threats in real time.  US Cyber Vault is your security analyst engineer as a service company.  If you subscribe to the Security Analyst role subscription you also receive the SOC service subscription as well.  Get the security personnel you need to fight attackers now.

Cyber intelligence

Investigate.  Learning the intent of an attacker can be just as important as stopping an attack in process.  Extend your security operations team or fill gaps with US Cyber Vault's cyber intelligence as a service.  Investigate cyber war attacker techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) to know your enemy, stop existing attacks, and prevent future attacks.  Understand who's behind the threat and bring them to justice by rapidly scaling your cyber intelligence team with US Cyber Vault.

Incident Response

Repair.  Extend your incident response team (IRT) by filling skills or personnel gaps in forensics, exploit analysis, or threat containment and removal.  Or if you are just beginning to build your cyber security team, consider subscribing to the Incident Response service and receive a 24/7 SOC team, security analyst, cyber counterinteligence, and incident responders. No need to hire or buy security tools - instantly spin up a security team to defend your company in the escalating cyberwar. US Cyber Vault is your incident response company

Customers want to benefit from the newest attack detection and analysis technologies, but it’s difficult to hire and retain people who can use and maintain the solutions. So customers sign up for advisory services from its Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) partner to get the benefit of the solution without having to hire more people.
— — Jane Wright, Principal Analyst, Technology Business Research, Inc.
Security Operations Center