Cloud Security Consulting

Get cloud security consulting from the cloud security engineers at US Cyber Vault. Discover what cloud security technologies used by the leading cloud security company, are protecting America’s top brands.

Our cloud security consulting is based on over 20 years of implementing and protecting complex secure cloud (hosted) environments for US Army, Boeing, NASA, Intel, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Fidelity Investments, and British Petroleum (BP) to name a few. Our cloud security consultants will work with your cloud security team to implement the proper infosec measures needed to enhance cloud governance and securely move your data and applications to the cloud.

The Cloud Consulting Team at US Cyber Vault is cloud platform and security tool agnostic.  The team’s mission is to help organizations understand how people, processes and technology intersect in order to assist moving suitable workloads to public, hybrid, and secure clouds.

Our cloud governance, risk and compliance consulting services help design and calibrate your security operations to help you move to the cloud securely and without risking cloud data security.

When migrating to the cloud, organizations need to consider the wide range of data that could be affected – everything from routine correspondence to highly sensitive intellectual property. We offer a strategic cloud assessment that includes recommendations for data classification and selecting the best cloud solutions based on your data and privacy requirements.

Cloud Security Engineers

Extend your team with cloud security engineers from US Cyber Vault for cloud security duties including design, planning, management, maintenance and support.

Cloud Security Technologies

Learn what cloud security technologies are effectively protecting America’s top brands.  Cut thru marketing hyperbole with the help of US Cyber Vault.  Each year we reevaluate our deployed cloud security technologies to determine what will best protect your business and its high value data. Underperforming cloud security technologies are replaced and removed from the US Cyber Vault security tool stack.

Cloud Security Issues

Identify and work thru cloud security issues such as authentication, APIs, system vulnerabilities, web services, DoS attacks, and multi-tenant risk. A cloud security company, like US Cyber Vault, can help you increase your security posture by mitigating risk in any cloud security issue that may arise.

Cloud Security Architecture

Cloud security architecture must take into account the 3 large cloud security challenges as identified by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA): multi-tenancy, divided responsibility and dynamic environment. 

Multi-tenancy – resources are shared between tenants according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Each provider is responsible for a proper isolation of its tenants’ computing, networking and storage resources.

Divided responsibility – besides the provider, tenants also have the responsibility to protect their assets. Dividing responsibility between the provider and the tenant depends on the SLA, and needs to be agreed between the actors before the service is taken in use.

Dynamic environment – the cloud environment is constantly evolving, and resources may dynamically scale up and down or even change their locations. Security policies have to capture and govern these dynamic changes.

The experienced cloud security architects at US Cyber Vault design and build secure cloud environments keeping these three factors in mind throughout the process.

Logical Cloud Security Architecture Diagram  

Logical Cloud Security Architecture Diagram


Cloud Security Services

Cloud security services and data protection are key to cloud success and yet most organizations are not aware of security infrastructure implications or best practices. Organizations moving sensitive data and core applications in the cloud must be confident with the security of these services, networks, and architectures.

A cloud security provider like US Cyber Vault helps you simplify and secure your infrastructure, unburden your team, protect your brand, and increase peace of mind. Depending on where you are in your cloud journey, US Cyber Vault has cloud security services to help protect your data and applications.

Cloud Security Checklist

Cloud security consulting and cloud security engineers need a cloud security checklist when evaluating a cloud security company or cloud security provider.  Here is a cloud security checklist for your reference.  For a more exhaustive checklist download Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).

Does the cloud security provider have a rigorous physical access protocol?

Does the cloud security provider perform employee and contractor background checks?

Does the cloud security provider meet current SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2 certification?

Does the cloud security provider perform regular vulnerability assessments to determine security gaps?

Does the cloud security provider have backup and replication in place to ensure data integrity and persistence?

Does the cloud security provider have a Business Continuity Plan in place?

Does the cloud security provider log network traffic, file and server access?  This includes security logs for: security devices, network switches/routers, databases/servers, active directory, web/mail servers, VPN systems, VM systems

Does the cloud security provider provide adequate security for network access and authentication?

Does the cloud provider provide security measures for infrastructure, including sub-contractors?

Does the cloud security provider provide an active-active configuration between the primary and failover site?

Get cloud security consulting from US Cyber Vault and leverage the best cloud security engineers and technologies available today.