New eBook: The Prescription to Cure Cyberattacks in Healthcare IT

The healthcare industry is at the crossroads.

One path heads toward disruptive technology – big data, cloud computing, embedded systems, and Internet of Things – that can truly transform the way the industry takes care of the ill and keeps others healthy. The other path is one fraught with danger, with hackers doing their best to penetrate IT systems and steal the treasure trove of patient, billing, and medical information they possess. In fact, Jupiter Research predicts the rapid digitization of consumers’ lives and enterprise records will cause the cost of data breaches to reach $2 trillion by 2019.

Cyberattacks cost the healthcare industry nearly $6 billion every year, with no end in sight. More than 30 percent of all reported data breaches in the past year originated in the healthcare industry, exposing millions of individuals' records in the process.

The industry knows it has a problem, but it isn't moving quickly enough to stop hackers from finding new attack vectors to penetrate its systems. While it used to be enough to just train employees on proper computer security and safety practices, now criminal attacks are the most frequent cause of data loss. Just ticking the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance box is no longer enough. We've seen enough healthcare companies lose millions of patient records to hackers, even though they were classified as HIPAA compliant.

When an individual falls ill, she's told to go see a doctor. It's time the healthcare industry took a dose of its own medicine. This eBook will:

  • Examine the state of healthcare cybersecurity, including the continued dearth of supply for seasoned cybersecurity professionals so desperately in demand.
  • Identify healthcare IT trends with the potential to help or harm the industry, including electronic medical records, embedded systems and Internet of Things, and outsourced application management services.
  • Highlight four dangerous healthcare cybersecurity threats for which to account, including patient information on the black market, Medicare and private insurer scams, ambiguity around encryption enforcement, and insecure healthcare cloud services.
  • Prescribe the course of treatment necessary to safeguard patient data, including a complete risk assessment before identifying the right people, technology and resources to protect, detect, and mitigate data breaches.

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We’ll be discussing these themes at length with those attending HIMSS in February, the largest healthcare IT show in America.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for HIMSS to learn more – contact us today so we can show you how our managed security services for on-premises or cloud environments will extend your IT teams, unburden them, and secure your data.  

US Cyber Vault is a leading sponsor of the Cyber Security Command Center at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, FL - Feb 19-23 both in the Cybersecurity Command Center at Kiosk 376-13 and in our own flagship booth 487 right next to the Command Center.