It’s no secret data breaches continue to increase each year, both in terms of the sheer number of attacks and their impact within affected enterprises. What is shocking, however, is that despite most companies knowing they could become a victim of a cyberattack, they have no real method for quickly detecting breaches and mitigating their impact.  

A study from ABI Research found enterprises take 416 days to detect a breach. That’s more than a year! Even worse? Ninety-four percent of these companies learned about breaches from an external source – either law enforcement or press releases. Nothing is worse than opening your favorite local news website only to find your company’s failure to safeguard customer data is the lead story.  

There are more ways hackers can pinpoint your company’s systems and attack you to mine your most precious data and intellectual property. Most companies know they need to invest more of their time and money into cybersecurity – a recent forecast found spending on security products and services is growing 11 percent year-over-year. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of cybersecurity experts available on the job market today to use these products. There is a shortage of 500,000 cybersecurity professionals today, which will grow to 1.5 million by 2020.  

In an attempt to plug the holes hackers are poking, many companies are looking into third-party advisory services to monitor and maintain their cybersecurity strategies. Generally, the way you engage an advisory service is after a data breach occurs; security professionals partner with you on post-breach response and cleanup.  

The problem with advisory services being used in this way is that they are not with you from the very beginning. They come in when you’ve already been attacked and your defenses are at their weakest. The benefits of employing cybersecurity experts are clear – bring in third-party experts early on in your cybersecurity planning to safeguard your environment before a breach occurs.   

When you do look into third-party cybersecurity advisory services, make sure they will partner with you to implement this three-pronged approach:   

  1. Proper knowledge and awareness: You must understand what happened during a breach in order to prevent it from happening again and its effects – including costs, time, resources, and learning curves. Take this a step further and conduct in-depth system and network security audits as well as penetration testing to ensure only authorized items are running on the company’s systems and network. Train employees on how to securely manage sensitive data, and update training as new policies or solutions are put into place.  
  2. Implement a strong incident response plan. Third-party cybersecurity advisory services can help you assess your level of risk and exposure to data breaches. Don’t wait until you’ve been attacked by hackersEstablish who will be in charge of investigating breaches and the steps you need to take to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  
  3. Fortify your incident response plan with technology. Implement a data privacy solution at multiple points within your company. Instill strong encryption at the network, application, database, and storage levels. The right mix of encryption, access control, authentication policy management, DLP, and endpoint security solutions can provide a safe space for your company to collaborate and store sensitive information.   

US Cyber Vault is uniquely positioned to work with you to implement this three-pronged approach to stopping cyberattacks before they start. Our experienced team of cyber intelligence agents will help you maximize security and efficiency in a true team environment with complete cooperation. This team constantly monitors your IT environment, identifies threats and contains them before they do any damage to your business – within 24 hours, much faster than the average of 400+ days. Our vigilant cyber intelligence experts use best-in-class technology solutions to guard your assets with hardened security at every layer, from hardware to application, encrypting all data and communications by default.  

Unlike many companies, US Cyber Vault will work with you, rather than with the goal of replacing you, or downgrading your value within your organization. Request a free proof of concept today to learn more about our services.  

Written by Rob LaMear, CEO, US Cyber Vault

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