Despite the massive amount of news coverage on high-profile cyberattacks in the past several years resulting in billions of dollars’ worth of loss to businesses and eroded customer trust, a recent study finds that companies still aren’t investing enough time, money, and resources to combat the cyberthreats 

Attendees of the annual Black Hat conference – many of whom are IT security professionals – recognize it: 

  • 37 percent believe the reemergence of ransomware is the greatest new threat to appear in the last year 
  • 36 percent of security professionals fear hackers with inside knowledge of their organizations the most 
  • 28 percent believe Internet of Things will be of greater concern in terms of cybersecurity two years from now 
  • 72 percent believe it is likely their organizations will need to deal with a major data breach in the coming year 

While nearly three-quarters of those surveyed fear a major breach in the next 12 months, approximately two-thirds of respondents state they do not have enough staff, budget, or training to meet these challenges – 20 percent say they are “severely hampered” by lack of funding.  

When asked why security initiatives fail, the top reason identified by respondents was a shortage of qualified people and skills, with lack of commitment and support from top management coming in second. Unfortunately, there is a serious talent shortage for cybersecurity professionals – a 500,000-professional shortfall in 2016 alone, set to increase to 1.5 million professionals by 2020.   

Given cyberthreats evolve daily, it is difficult for companies to put their defense strategy on hold just to find the right cybersecurity expert to bring in-house. Deploying cybersecurity technologies without having the right people in place to implement, monitor, and take action on what the technology provides is much like buying a car with a manual gear shift when you’ve only driven automatic transmission cars your whole life – the car will never be used to its greatest potential.  

While there is sometimes trepidation working with experts not ingrained in your company’s culture, you can save millions by working with cybersecurity experts 

US Cyber Vault can help. Here are three ways that you can work with us to monitor, protect, and secure your company and its data from cyberattacks with our seasoned cyber intelligence experts and best-in-class technology: 

  1. Optimize your cybersecurity posture with the industry's most experienced team of cyber intelligence agents through Penetration Testing. We are your trusted advisor to help you create and implement a best-in-class cybersecurity strategy that aligns to your needs. By running an array of both automated scanning and manual hacking tools, often referred to as dynamic and static analysis tools, our operatives will utilize the same methodologies for hacking systems a hacker from the most novice to the most advanced level would employ. We can discover security vulnerabilities or areas of your network and systems with limited functionality that would be conducive to a breach. 
  2. Secureyour company's existing IT environments and data with US Cyber Shield, which instantly detects and neutralizes cyberthreats before they reach your network. Our expert team of cyber intelligence agents combined with distributed denial of service protection, next-generation firewalls, advanced malware, intrusion protection and detection, and data loss prevention technology will safeguard your company from threats without expensive purchases of brand-new IT infrastructure.   
  3. Protect your assets with hardened security implemented at every layer, from hardware to application, with US Cyber Vault. Military-grade encryption is applied to all your data and communications by default and the speed of our threat detection is unparalleled: less than 24 hours, not the industry standard of 7 months. If an unplanned event should occur, countermeasures trap the attacker and mitigate damage while our cyber intelligence team responds immediately.    

Unlike many companies, US Cyber Vault will work with you, rather than with the goal of replacing you or downgrading your value within your organization. Visit our website to learn how we can help you stretch limited funding to meet your cybersecurity needs 


Written by Rob LaMear, CEO, US Cyber Vault

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