Fresh off of the tenth-annual Gateway to Innovation Conference in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, I’m more excited than ever about the role IT and cybersecurity professionals can play in shaping the future of business.  

US Cyber Vault was a proud silver sponsor of the event, which gathered IT leadership throughout the Midwest to explore ways to maintain a competitive business advantage while growing the information technology industry.  

Business and IT leaders are trying to strike a delicate balance in today’s economic landscape: Provide cutting-edge solutions while ensuring that data, technology infrastructure, and applications are secure. With cyberattacks continuing to rise worldwide, many companies find themselves playing a furious game of catch-up – the moment they plug one security gap, hackers find another one to exploit.  

Based on my conversations with IT and business leaders at the show, three themes became clear:  

  1. Complexity is the opposite of security. The rapid rise in usage of public clouds, private clouds, Internet of Things, and mobile applications is leading to a tremendously high level of digital disruption. Digital is reshaping customer engagement and product development. Business and IT leaders alike told me they are trying to find ways to simplify their cybersecurity strategy so that it can cater to the development of new customer interaction channels, rapidly expanding ecosystems, and burgeoning technologies.  
  2. Space to maintain networks amidst a cyberattack is scarce. Despite many organizations’ best efforts, they will likely fall victim to a data breach. IT leaders are asking how they can maintain their networks when they know there are cyberattacks taking place. The first step is to ensure containment and recovery are vital parts of your cybersecurity strategy. Many focus exclusively on prevention and detection, but you must keep networks operating while containing an attack to minimize business disruption 
  3. Companies need a safe room to innovate. Whether it’s merging companies together or starting a new Research & Development initiative, companies are looking for a safe place to spin up a new segment of their existing IT network. While a lot of marketing spend has gone toward promoting public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to meet this need, many of the people with whom I spoke are hesitant to utilize public clouds for this purposeInstant secure segmentation will only continue to grow in importance.   

We can help: US Cyber Vault is the world’s most secure platform for healthcare and banking organizations. Building on decades in cloud security, US Cyber Vault protects against threats, provides a secure data and computing environment and is supported by an incident response team of intelligence experts with guaranteed day-zero breach detection.  

To see how we reduce the complexity involved in cybersecurity while enabling you to focus on your core business, contact us today for a free trial or consultation.  


Written by Rob LaMear, CEO, US Cyber Vault

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