Just days away from the New Year, it’s clear that 2017 will be a critical year for cybersecurity. Last week, I shared my top 2016 takeaways in the cybersecurity world, and it’s clear that attacks are only increasing in scope and complexity. The moment a company thinks it has plugged a security gap, a creative hacker finds another one and quickly exploits it. Why? Hackers are following the money trail.  

We all need to pay close attention to how we build processes, develop our people, and implement the right technology to keep hackers at bay. Development Operations (DevOps) and security teams will need to work together in new waysintegrating with one another in order to survive.  

As consumers see a constant barrage of news stories detailing new data breaches, they will start holding businesses more accountable than ever before when it comes to keeping their sensitive data safe. Based on our work with customers around the world, here are three predictions for how the cybersecurity world will evolve in 2017.  

Demand for cybersecurity experts will increase exponentially 

Businesses will wake up to the sobering fact that they must beef up spend and resources to create a better cybersecurity strategy. Consequently, this means businesses will put a premium on finding good cybersecurity experts, as studies find they can help save organizations at least $1 million. The problem? There’s a tremendous shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the job market today. The shortage is currently at 500,000 individuals, which will grow to 1.5 million by 2020. As supply is woefully behind demand, businesses will find themselves looking for a third-party managed security services provider to help. Learn more about the services we provide to be an extension, not a replacement, for your current IT team.  

Ransomware attacks will explode, penetrating the cloud and IoT 

Ransomware attacks exploded in 2016. Why? They are cheap to operate, and many organizations simply haven’t prepared themselves to defend against this threat. Next-generation ransomware will have the capability to infect hundreds of machines in an incredibly short amount of time. As more devices become internet-enabled and companies leverage public clouds to store sensitive data – and security measures continue to lag behind – the associated risks will rise. Cloud computing isn’t going anywhere, as it’s proven it can provide your business great benefits of scale and agility. Efficiently safeguard your company by utilizing private cloud deployments with US Cyber Vault: learn how 

Hackers will find ways to exploit burgeoning tech trends such as machine learning, big data, and AI 

As more companies look to analyze and take action on the treasure trove of data it possesses on its customers, prospects and competitors, cybercriminals will look to exploit holes in companies’ systems, capture the information and sell it on the black market. Seemingly every bit and byte – from personal data and payment information to intellectual property and health records – is collected, shared, and analyzed like never before.  A common misperception of cybersecurity is that it locks out innovation. The reality is that we must take advantage of anything that helps us win in our respective businesses. Understand, however, that security and privacy issues are magnified by these new trends. Learn the nine ways big data challenges your security planning.  

While there are plenty of cybersecurity challenges, there is also opportunity to stop hackers before they do any real damage to your business. US Cyber Vault can help: We have the right mix of experienced professionals, next-generation technology, and unsurpassed scalability to ensure the hackers never have the chance to infiltrate your company’s defenses again. Contact us today so we can work with you to put a cybersecurity plan in place that will allow you to defeat cybercriminals in 2017 and beyond.