Early next week, I have the privilege of joining 65 senior business leaders throughout the Southwest region at the NG Security Summit, located at the Boulders Resort and Spa in Arizona. This event looks to solve the key business challenges to cybersecurity through networking and learning from our top peers in the industry.  

This year, there are three core themes that will drive the conversations we have at the summit: 

  1. The Good: How can we deter, defend, respond, and recover to the ever-increasing rate of cyberattacks threatening to steal our sensitive customer data and company intellectual property? 
  2. The Bad: How can we effectively stay ahead of the evolving ways hackers can penetrate our systems? It’s no longer a matter of having locked cabinets and password-protected workstations – now we need to combat phishing, malware, and attacks on our ever connected Internet of Things world.  
  3. The Business: Who truly owns our data? Is it the business, IT, or a partnership between the two? We need to look at how we identify and protect our information through privacy, compliance and governance standards and frameworks.  

What excites me about joining this particular event – besides the fact that I love talking to companies out there in the trenches fighting these cybersecurity battles every day – is that while we will discuss cybersecurity technology, it is not the primary focus.  

Yes, you can save millions of dollars implementing security technologies. That is not surprising. However, when you look at the companies that have successfully implemented these solutions to safeguard their data, there is a common theme: They found the right mix of people, process, and technology.  

It’s time that we humanize cybersecurity. Renowned security expert Brian Krebs put it best when he recently stated: The number one cybersecurity problem is a growing shortage of security professionals.” We’ve talked often about this shortage, which is estimated to grow to 1.5 million professionals by 2020.  

If cybersecurity was simply a technology problem, then all companies would have to do is implement data security software solutions. Companies are implementing data security solutions and they’re still getting breached. You must have the right people in place who are supported by clear processes to quickly act on alerts and threats discovered by cybersecurity technology. That is the equation to safeguard your information.  

At US Cyber Vault, we started with people and then focused on process and technology. Our customers have a complete cybersecurity solution at their fingertips that protects their data, detects possible threats, and responds rapidly to stop data breaches before they do any lasting damage to their businesses. Let me explain to you what this means: 

Our People: Our team of seasoned intelligence agents and consultants have more than 20 years of implementing and protecting complex secure environments for US Army, Boeing, NASA, Intel, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Fidelity Investments, and British Petroleum (BP) to name a few. We work hand-in-hand with security teams to implement the right information security measures necessary to safeguard their data and IP. Our mission is to help companies understand how people, processes and technology intersect in order to promote proper cybersecurity. It all starts with our people 

Our Process: You can’t protect what you don’t know exists. When we engage with companies, we first go through a penetration test, which is the science of ethically hacking their own systems. We try to breach or exploit their system’s defenses internally and externally to determine whether unauthorized access or other forms of malicious, exploitative, and damaging activity is possible. We then detail all targeted areas that are vulnerable, and partner with them on the way to implement corrective actions both in their processes and the type of cybersecurity technologies they employ.  

Our Technology: We keep customers’ IP safe in our next-generation secure infrastructure, Vault, which protects your assets with hardened security implemented at every layer – from hardware to application. Military-grade encryption is applied to all your data and communications by default and the speed of our threat detection is unparalleled: less than 24 hours, not the industry standard of 7 months. If an unplanned event should occur, countermeasures trap the attacker and mitigate damage while our seasoned counter-intelligence team responds immediately.  

Contact us today so we can show you how we bring our people, process, and technology together to keep hackers out of your businesses.