Oftentimes we focus on the technology supposed to keep hackers from stealing our intellectual property and sensitive customer data. This makes sense, as hackers are operating in a largely cyber world – very few are physically smashing windows and grabbing hard drives – but we’ve seen time and time again that it’s not just about the technology. Instead, it’s about having the right people in place at the right time with the aptitude to use the technology and the courage to make actionable decisions to protect your business 

We’ll focus on the human aspect on cybersecurity in our blogs through the rest of the year. We’ll examine very real fears we’ve heard from CIO and CISOs alike. This week, we’re going to examine the biggest fear we hear often: Do we have the right expertise to stop cyberattacks?  

I attended a cybersecurity event recently in New York City, and as I took the subway I noticed that there was a for-profit college with billboards throughout my subway car touting the tremendous shortage in cybersecurity professionals – and the great opportunity to get certified in six months and land a job. This isn’t a blog about the usefulness of for-profit colleges, but the shortage is real: recent studies say there is a shortage of 500,000 cybersecurity professionals today, and it will skyrocket to 1.5 million by 2020.  

It’s truly a situation where supply – cybersecurity professionals – is woefully falling behind demand for expertise to stop a growing threat of increasingly sophisticated hackers penetrating software and technology to steal information for their gain. Companies are scared: They don’t know if they are safe and what they need to do to become cybersecure. CIOs know they are largely on the hook for cybersecurity – responsibility for protecting your organization’s systems architecture, networks, and infrastructure lies squarely upon their shoulders. 

Security is very insular – it’s common sense that you want to be able to handle your business in-house and not bring in outsiders to help. However, the reality is that there is a growing field of managed security service providers (MSSPs) who possess the expertise necessary to help you keep your company safe from hackers.  

We’ve talked in the past about the pros and cons of using third parties to augment your cybersecurity strategiesWhen you’re considering build versus buy as it relates to cybersecurity, make sure that you have a clear vision and ask the right questions up front before you make a final decision 

  1. Have a security utopia in mind: Establish your vision and goals for cybersecurity. 
  2. Document your requirements: Include service level agreements, liabilities, and engagement. 
  3. Understand with whom MSSPs partner: Identify who their top vendors, partners, and sub-contractors are and how they are selected. 
  4. Dig deep on MSSP’s hiring and employee retention policies: Ask questions about who they employ, their experience, how they are trained, and employee retention rate. 
  5. Trust, but verify: Validate MSSPs through customer references, industry analysts, and vendor references.  

You don't have to go it alone. We can be your trusted advisor to help you create and implement a best-in-class cybersecurity strategy that aligns to your needs. Our experienced team of intelligence agents will help you maximize security and efficiency in a true team environment with complete cooperation.  

Unlike many companies, US Cyber Vault will work with you, rather than with the goal of replacing you or downgrading your value within your organization. This, plus nimble technology and eminent scalability, enables us to help you make sure your company is secure and has the right expertise at all times. Ask us these questions and more – contact us today