Secure Cloud Computing, Storage & Managed Security Services

US Cyber Vault protects, detects & responds to cyber attacks. 
cyber counterintelligence team + next-gen secure infrastructure

protect. detect. respond.

The #1 cybersecurity problem is a growing shortage of security professionals.
— Brian Krebs, Keynote, ISACA Cybersecurity Nexus 2016

Secure Infrastructure Protection


We secure your data in our next-generation secure infrastructure with only one-way in or out, every bit is monitored and auto-encrypted.

Detect Threats with Cyber Counter Intel Team


We find threats faster by staying ahead of cyber threats with the private sector's only counter intel team, threat feeds and proven tools.



Respond 24/7 to Stop Data Breaches


We stop data breaches with a 24/7 incident response team neutralizing threats to prevent data-exfiltration and damage to your brand.